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Emma Location Ltd., UIC 205810106, in its capacity as the Lessor, rents a car / vehicle / to the lessee, for a fee, subject to the following General Terms and Conditions:


Art.1. (1) The minimum term for renting a vehicle is 24 hours. The vehicle is handed over to the LESSEE in a good technical condition with the equipment stated in the handover report, which is an integral part of the contract and the return of the vehicle shall take place pursuant to its conditions.

(2) The LESSEE undertakes to return the vehicle with all documents submitted to him at the location specified in the contract, within the agreed term and in the same condition. Upon concluding the contract, any remarks, if any, on the exterior and / or interior of the vehicle shall be noted in the acceptance report. Upon return of the vehicle, after inspection and in case of damage or absence or violation of the general terms and conditions of the contract, they shall be paid by the LESSEE.

(3) In case of possible foreseen or unforeseen non-observance of the term for return of the vehicle by the lessee, he is obliged to notify the LESSOR not later than the agreed time of return. For a delay longer than 120 minutes, the LESSEE owes a penalty in the amount of the daily rental price of the vehicle, subject to the agreed tariff of the Rental agreement.

(4) If the Lessee fails to comply with the obligation to return the vehicle for more than two hours without notifying the LESSOR, this shall be considered misappropriation within the meaning of the Penal Code and the LESSOR shall immediately notify the competent authorities, reserving all rights under the concluded Agreement. The LESSEE declares that it is aware of the following circumstances:

(5) The lessee must be at least 23 years old, have a minimum driving experience of 3 years and possess regular ID documents: identity card/ passport, driving license valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, control certificate. For lessees between 19 and 23 years of age or having less than 3 years of experience, a fee of 10.00 EUR / day and a double deposit shall apply.

Art.2. Upon receiving the car, the LESSEE provides the LESSOR with the deposit specified in this contract, which guarantees the fulfillment of the LESSEE's obligations under the contract and serves to compensate the LESSOR for any damages to the rented vehicle, occurring during the term of the contract. Upon return of the vehicle, if the Lessee has used it conscientiously and there are no damages and defects incurred, the deposit will be fully refunded.

Art.3. In the event that the LESSEE has not fulfilled any of his obligations and responsibilities under the contract, the LESSOR has the right to retain all or part of the deposit necessary to cover the costs of repairing the damages and as compensation for lost benefits. The retention of the deposit by the LESSOR in the above cases does not release the Lessee from financial liability for damages suffered by the LESSOR in excess of the value of the deposit.

Art.4. If the vehicle is equipped with a GPS positioning and remote ignition system, the LESSOR may block the starting of the engine in the event of:



Art.5. The LESSEE can make a booking using the online platform of Emma Location Ltd., at the following Internet address:

Art.6. (1) The booking may be cancelled with a notification sent to the e-mail address indicated by the LESSOR –

(2) The booking may be canceled by the LESSEE not later than three days before the start date of the rent chosen by him, in which case the entire amount paid by the latter shall be refunded.

(3) Upon cancellation of a booking two days before the date chosen by the LESSEE for renting the car, 50% of the amount paid shall be refunded.

(4) Upon cancellation of a booking one day before the date chosen by the LESSEE for renting the car, the LESSOR will not refund the amount paid by the LESSEE.



Art.7. The full rental price of the vehicle has to be paid by the LESSEE or the additional driver at the time of receiving the vehicle and signing the handover report by the payment means approved by The lessor /credit/ debit card and/ or bank transfer/. Upon renting a vehicle, the lessee is required to pay a deposit. The deposit can be paid by a debit/ credit card or in cash upon receipt of the car. The payment of the deposit by a debit/ credit card is allowed if the return of the vehicle is expected to be not later than 25 days from the date of the transaction. If the deposit is paid in cash, it will be kept at the office of the LESSOR.

Deposit rates:

Vehicle classDeposit
Trucks/ minibuses € 400
Vans € 250
Compact cars € 250
SUV € 400
Luxurious SUVS € 800

Rental prices:

Vehicle classPrice per day
Trucks/ minibuses € 45
Vans € 25
Compact cars € 30
SUV € 60
Luxurious SUVS € 75

Fee for driving the vehicle abroad:

Vehicle classOne-off fee for driving the vehicle abroad
Trucks/ minibuses € 150
Vans € 80
Compact cars € 100
SUV € 200
Luxurious SUVS € 400

The price includes:

An additional fee is charged per day as follows:

OptionsPrice per dayMaximum price
Navigation system € 6,00 € 60,00
Additional trunk € 3,60 € 36,00
Snow chains € 3,60 € 36,00
Baby Car-seat € 3,60 € 36,00
Child Car-seat € 3,60 € 36,00

Fee outside working hours:

When renting or returning a vehicle outside working hours, a fee applies:

Working hours: Monday – Sunday – from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Art.8. In case of a traffic accident, damage to or theft of the car, the amounts paid under the rental agreement are not refunded.

Art.9. The rental price does not include fuel. If the vehicles’ tank is not full when the Lessee returns it, the LESSEE shall pay the full value of the missing fuel, as well as a fee of 20 euro.

Art.10. Upon delivery of a replacement vehicle in the event of a traffic accident, damage to or theft of the main vehicle under the contract, the LESSEE shall pay the full cost for delivery of the replacement vehicle.

Art.11. The rental price does not include fines and sanctions imposed for non-compliance with the Traffic Act of the Republic of Bulgaria (TA) or other legal regulations. The latter shall be paid in full by the LESSEE, upon submission by the LESSOR of the relevant document certifying the existence of a fine or penalty, if the latter has not been imposed and / or paid directly by the driver of the vehicle - the LESSEE.

Art.12. In the event that the LESSEE wishes to extend the contract, he must state this in writing or orally at least 48 hours before the expiration of the contract. The LESSEE may extend the term of the contract or the use of the vehicle only with the express written or oral confirmation of the LESSOR, and must pay the LESSOR the relevant amount for extending the rental period before the expiry of the main rental agreement.

Art.13. In case the LESSEE has not received an explicit confirmation by the LESSOR for the extension of the contract and delays the return of the car, he owes the following penalty:

Art.14. In case the LESSEE returns the vehicle before the expiration of the contract, he will not receive any compensation or reimbursement for the unused days until the end of the contract.

Art.15. In the event that the LESSEE has paid a "Prepaid Fuel" fee when renting the vehicle and returns the vehicle with any fuel in the tank, the LESSOR does not owe a refund for the unused fuel.

Art.16. In case a daily mileage limit in kilometers is entered in the rental contract, upon returning the vehicle the LESSEE shall pay a fee for any exceeded mileage, at the price described in the handover report.



Art.17. (1) In the event of any damage, loss or theft of the vehicle or parts thereof, including, but not limited to, in the event of fire or broken glass as a result of the faulty conduct of the LESSEE, the latter shall pay the LESSOR the full compensation, including the cost of renting a replacement car, the cost of returning, repairing, lost profits and rent.

(2) In case the navigation system is stolen or lost, the LESSEE shall be obliged to pay a fine of EUR 200.00.

(3) In case the documents, keys, registration plates of the rented vehicle are stolen or lost, the LESSEE is obliged to pay a fine of 300.00 euro.

(4) In case of an accident with the car, an administrative fee in the amount of EUR 50.00 shall be due, regardless of the fault for the accident.



Art.18. The LESSOR is liable for any damages resulting from a technical malfunction of the provided vehicle, established by an independent auto- technical expert.

Art.19. The LESSOR undertakes to provide the LESSEE with a replacement vehicle for the period of the Rental Agreement for the faulty vehicle.

Art.20. In the event of non-performance by the LESSEE within the meaning of this Rental Agreement, the LESSOR has the right to take all legal actions to terminate the use of the property by the lessee.



Art.21. (1) The LESSEE is obliged to possess regular and valid ID documents: passport / identity card, driving license and control certificate.

(2) By signing the contract the LESSEE declares that he is a qualified driver with a valid driving license and has all the necessary documents and the relevant categories to drive the rented vehicle.

(3) If one or more additional drivers are entered in the rental contract, they shall be jointly liable with the one registered as a LESSEE.

Art.22. The LESSEE is obliged to:

Art.23. The LESSEE bears full financial responsibility for paying full compensation to the LESSOR for damages and lost profits, calculated in accordance with Article 27, in the following cases:

Art.24. It is absolutely forbidden:

Art.25. If there are traces of smoking or transporting an animal in the vehicle, the LESSEE owes a penalty of EUR 100.

Art.26. The compensations and penalties due by the LESSEE are determined based on an official price list. In the event that the repair of the vehicle is more expensive due to a specific paint, brand, model, higher class or damage that is not specified in this price list - the relevant compensation is determined by an employee authorized by the manager. In case of disagreement on the part of the LESSEE with the indemnities, penalties or fees in this price list, he shall pay for the damage to the vehicle at the price of the official repair shop of the brand, the cost of roadside assistance or transport to the repair shop and back, rent for the days of repair according to the official price list of the LESSOR and the applicable administrative fee.


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